Every great car also needs a bit of looking after, even the Smart Car. After a few years the sump can get damaged, scratched and rusty, so needs replacing. While you're at it, why not replace it with one of our sumps which include a sump plug? No more sucking the oil out with a pump, no more worrying about all the swarf and grime left in the engine, because the pump doesn't get it all out. Our sump directly replaces A160 014 0002 which fits both the 600 & 700 cc petrol engines and can be seen on our product page.OE Replacement Smart Sump with Sump Plug

While you're at it why not fit a sump gasket so that you don't need to replace the gasket sealant every time? We sell our own sump gasket specially made to fit the Smart Car  complete with the replacement sump which you can find here.

Here's a guide to Smart Car Sump Replacement by the friendly guys at fq101.co.uk.  Don't forget to check out the fq101 site and follow them on Twitter. We think they do a great job :-)