Lots of customers ask “Is there an easy way to tell which sump plug is fitted to my car?”

Fortunately, there is.  Rather than looking at loads of tables with engine numbers etc, and then still getting the wrong one, because the table wasn’t 100% right, just follow these simple steps:

Have a look underneath the car at the sump, locate the sump plug and see what it looks like.

Does it have a 26mm smooth round outside with a 13mm Raised Hex Head?  Then it's an SP14:


Does it have a 27mm diameter, with a 10mm Allen Key hole inside, then it is an SP9:




If it has a 25mm round exterior with an 8mm Allen key hole inside, then it is an SP13:



If your sump plug just has a 17mm flat hex head, then it is an SP50:



Does your sump plug have a 26mm conical head with a raised 15mm hex head, then it is an SP15:



Does it have a 25mm round head with a 45mm torx recess inside, then it is an SP6:




Finally, once you know which Sump Plug is the right one for your vehicle, don't forget to order it from our online store.

You may also find our video guide helpful: